77049 West Lake

• Master collections, available to order.
• King Silk Art sells only handmade master quality silk artworks.
• Silk colors shimmer when light hits and softly glow in dim-dark areas.
• The actual artworks will vary slightly from the online image due to hand-stitching.

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According to legend, the White Lady was originally a little white snake who was cultivating in the mountains. One day, the little white snake was caught by an old snake catcher, and was almost killed by a small shepherd boy. After 1,700 years of practice, the white lady finally transformed into a human form. After the guidance of Master Guanyin, she came to Hangzhou West Lake to look for the little shepherd boy, her life-saving benefactor.


Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions106 × 61 cm

Framed size: 61×106 cm, Framed size: 65×88 cm, Large framed size: 90×165 cm


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