77111 Branching Plum Blossoms

• Master collections, available to order.
• King Silk Art sells only handmade master quality silk artworks.
• Silk colors shimmer when light hits and softly glow in dim-dark areas.
• The actual artworks will vary slightly from the online image due to hand-stitching.


The plum blossom is a traditional Chinese famous flower. It is completely elegant and handsome and praised by poets and painters of ancient and modern times. It is also respected by the world for its ice muscle and bones, Ling Han Liuxiang as the essence of the nation. Scholars of lofty ideals love plums, and there are a lot of them who praise plums.
1、梅花不畏严寒,在众芳摇落之时, 与松、竹为友,凌岁寒而独开。而到了春天百花齐放之时,却无意与其他花卉争妍斗艳。这种在逆境中不屈不挠、自强不息,在顺境中不媚于俗、超然物外的崇高品格和高贵气节,正是古代知识分子所崇拜的 “君子” 人格的生动写照。
2、梅开五瓣,象征五福。梅具 “四德” 初生为“元”,是开始之本;开花为“亨”,意味着亨通顺利;结子为“利”,象征事业有成;成熟为“贞”,代表坚定贞洁。
3、此外,梅还是 “天下尤物” 是美的象征,始于南北朝的 “梅花妆” 在古代流行了一千多年。


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