Our story

Our Story

King Silk Art creates 100% handmade Silk Art. A talented artist spent months and sometimes years hand stitching this gorgeous Silk Art. This handmade Silk Art is a completely natural form of art. No glues, paint or machinery, just silk, vegetable dyes and a needle. Compared to prints and paintings, silk artwork has a nearly 3 dimensions look and very high value. It is a real one-of-a-kind artwork.

As one in the western culture learns about Van Gogh and the great western art masters growing up, Chinese children learn about Silk Art. It’s ancient heritage comes from the royal embroiderers, families placed into Suzhou China thousands of years ago by The Chinese Emperor to embroider his robes. The art produced by these families all belong to the Emperor, hence the art of the King’s.

The skills to produce silk art are passed from generation to generation and require years of learning to master the techniques. While embroidery arounds through the world is rare, high quality Silk Artis rare. Only a tiny handful of people can produce Silk Art to the point of touching your heart and soul.

Forest Zhang paving the 21st Century Silk Art Road

Forest Qing Zhang began paving the 21st Century Silk Art Road in 2002, when Forest and his family immigrated to Canada from Suzhou, China.

In 2004, King Silk Art evolved out of Silk Art’s growing local popularity. Our success in Canada brought us to a new location in 2006, California, US.

Silk Art is now growing in popularity worldwide. We introduced Silk Art to Japan in 2007, to the UK in 2008, to the Middle East in 2009 and to Australia in 2011.

Forest’s 21st Century Silk Art Road, 2002 – 2020

Forest introduces King Silk Art to the UK in 2008

King Silk Art hits the US in 2006

King Silk Art in Australia, 2011

Honors and Awards

Numerous awards beginning from 2002, the introduction of King Silk Art to North America.


Most eye Catching Vendor, SD Fair 2007


First Place, PA Flower Show 2011

 Finest Exhibits, LA Fair 2007


Forest was Interviewed by Sydney Radio in 2011


Best Indoor Retail Exhibitor, Melbourne Royal Show 2017

King Silk Art worldwide exhibitions

Sydney Easter Show 2013

Customer lessons, Canada

UK Home Show 2009

Melbourne Home Show 2011

Canada Craft Show 2004

LA Street Festival 2019


US team

Dubai Exhibition 2008

UK team