37230 Bamboo


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• Unframed, matt size 30x30cm, image size 20x20cm.
• Matt color choice: white, off white or black.
• Silk colors shimmer when light hits and softly glow in dim-dark areas.
• The actual artworks will vary slightly from the online image due to individual hand-stitching.

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The bamboo is a highly valued plant for its energy; being hollow in the inside and flexible, it teaches us the value of surrender and flexibility in face of any storms that life can bring. When you are open in your innermost being, the spirit can flow freely and bless you with wisdom. Bamboo is also a plant that is very easy to care for, it grows fast and creates the most soothing, transcendental sound when caressed by the winds.
1.竹子的谐音, 寓意吉祥 ‘竹’与’祝’谐音, 有美好祝福的寓意。相传, 爆竹最初是以竹子为原料造成的, 点 燃时, 发出’呯呯’的爆破声, 人们视作可以驱魔逐鬼, 护佑人们平安和幸福。且’爆’与’报’谐音,’竹’与’祝’谐音…
2.竹子的品性, 让周边环境高雅 竹子四季常青、青翠挺拔, 有生机旺盛、生命力顽强的象征意义; 竹子中空, 表示谦虚; 蓬勃向上的身姿.
3.吉祥的竹子的名字, 为家居风水更添吉祥如意。 竹子的种类很多,数不胜数,什么金镶玉竹、黄金竹。

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