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• King Silk Art sells only handmade master quality silk artworks.
• Silk colors shimmer when light hits and softly glow in dim-dark areas.
• The actual artworks will vary slightly from the online image due to hand-stitching.


Ding Shaoguang (widely known as Ting Shao Kuang in the West), the 79-year-old Chinese-American painter, has achieved quite a lot over the decades: founding the Yunnan school of painting, establishing himself as a world-renowned heavy-color painting artist and earning a reputation that has made him one of the most influential Chinese artists of today.

His artworks have also made him a well-known name in auction circles. In 1992, for example, his White Nights sold for HK$2.2 million ($281,796) at a Christie’s auction, breaking the then record for the highest auction price for an artwork from a living Chinese artist.

Ding has always walked a slightly different path than other Chinese artists. Although he received a traditional Chinese art education while growing up in Beijing, he rebelled against traditional styles during his teenage years.

At age 23, he moved to Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, where he taught at the Yunnan Arts University. Always looking for something new, Ding was greatly influenced by the local scenery as well as the art of the province’s many ethnic groups during his time there. Although the artist is now in his late 70s, he still tries to keep up with the latest trends in the art world, while constantly seeking ways to innovate.







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