77088 Suzhou Watertown

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• Silk colors shimmer when light hits and softly glow in dim-dark areas.
• The actual artworks will vary slightly from the online image due to hand-stitching.


Located in the Jiangnan water network zone, Suzhou is a well-known water town in the south of the Yangtze River. It has a pleasant scenery and a gathering of humanities. Since ancient times, it has the reputation of “there is paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below”. Suzhou mainly takes “three ancients and one lake” (classical gardens, thousand-year-old city, water town and Taihu Lake scenery) as its unique tourism resources.

苏州地处江南水网地带,是著名的江南水乡,景色宜人,人文荟萃,自古就有“上有天堂,下有苏杭”之美誉。苏州主要以 “三古一湖”(古典园林、千年古城,水乡古镇和太湖风光)为其独特的旅游资源。
苏州是一座园林城市,现在仍保存完好的园林有70多处。苏州园林以“古、秀、精、雅、多” 而获得 “江南园林甲天下、苏州园林甲江南” 之盛誉。苏州园林被联合国教科文组织列为世界文化遗产。在苏州古城周围还有众多的水乡古镇,如周庄、同里、木渎等。这些古镇既有上千年的历史文化,又具典型的江南田园风光。
苏州古时又称“吴”。苏州古城始建于公元前514年,是世界上唯一经过2500 余年沧桑仍坐落在原址上的古城。苏州古城保持了 “水陆并行河街相邻 ” 及 “小桥、流水、人家”的水城风貌。


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