31127 CRANES


• King Silk Art only sells handmade silk artworks.
• Any purchase over 150$, will get 50$ off. Unique gift ideas for upcoming holidays.
• Unframed, matt size 30x30cm, image size 20x20cm.
• Matt color choice: white, off white or black.
• Silk colors shimmer when light hits and softly glow in dim-dark areas.
• The actual artworks will vary slightly from the online image due to individual hand-stitching.

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The crane has long been a symbol in Asian cultures representing good health, longevity, truth and fidelity. The regal, upright carriage of these elegant birds reflects their dignified status as the noble birds most worthy of serving as messengers to the ancient immortals. According to ancient Chinese legends, cranes were thought to be “well-behaved like gentlemen, incorruptible and naturally clean and honest.” To be compared to a crane, then, ranked among the highest compliments. A respected person was often called “a figure extolled by the crane”; this was commonly understood to be a refined way of praising someone for being exceptionally honest and morally upright. Likewise, someone could also be compared to “a crane standing among chickens,” indicating that person’s special abilities and obvious, comparative superiority.

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