75022 Lady Peony Making Flowers Blossom

• Museum collections, available to order.
• King Silk Art sells only handmade master quality silk artworks.
• Silk colors shimmer when light hits and softly glow in dim-dark areas.
• The actual artworks will vary slightly from the online image due to hand-stitching.

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3. Stitch Length – The smaller the stitching, the more precision of art
Long stitches are faster and easier, short stitches are more time consuming. Quality is directly impacted by the stitching. It is how the artist controls the overall imaging but also the interaction with light and shadows. Stitching can be so small you can not even determined it has been stitched. The smaller the stitching, the higher quality of art.

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Big framed size 76x106cm, Unframed, image size 50x80cm


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