72126 Janese Koi Fish in Pond

• Museum collections, available to order.
• King Silk Art sells only handmade master quality silk artworks.
• Silk colors shimmer when light hits and softly glow in dim-dark areas.
• The actual artworks will vary slightly from the online image due to hand-stitching.


“Nine fish pictures have auspicious and wishful meaning, since ancient times, “nine” has long-lasting meaning. “Fish” means good luck in all things. Nine lovely koi carps playing in the water, implying long-lasting auspicious luck. The red fish has prosperous luck. In other words, hanging a picture of nine fish in the decoration of home calligraphy and painting can not only delight the body and mind, but also have a good auspicious blessing. Fish in the folks means joy and harmony. Since ancient times, there has been a legend of “the carp jumping over the dragon gate” in our country. People use carp. I wish every year more than…”

“鱼的寓意有很多,因为 “鱼” 和 “余” 同音,也常被寓意为年年有余,在古代鱼象征着富贵。
1. “鱼” 与 “余” 谐音,所以鱼象征着富贵。民俗岁末祭祖中讲究供鱼,取年年有余鱼之吉利,则是对鱼的一种图腾崇拜。
2. “如鱼得水” 用来描述工作和生活和谐美满、幸福、自在。鱼水。比喻夫妻相得,或者男女情笃。

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